PowerOSD Race

PowerOSD Race
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The Mini Power Distribution Board with built-in SMART OSD functionality. Completely developed in the U.S and backed by QuadRevo support. Every unit gets tested in the U.S prior to packaging and shipment to you.

The PowerOSD is designed to be completely plug and play. No hooking up to the computer or downloading firmwares or learning yet another piece of software to use. 

Simple installation steps:
1. Solder in your battery leads and ESC power / ground wires as you normally do on any install
2. Solder your FPV camera and transmitter cables in the designated ports
3. Plug in the battery and turn on your goggles or screen. Done

1.       Terminal to solder the positive battery connector lead

2.       Terminal to solder the ground battery connector lead

3.       Solder the positive supply wires from the ESCs here

4.       Solder ESC grounds and other grounds to this pad

5.       NTSC / PAL selection jumper. Short for PAL cameras

6.       RSSI input pad

Solder tabs:

1.       7V regulated & filtered output. Use to power video transmitters and cameras designed to take battery voltage.

2.       Video tab, solder video wire from video transmitter and camera here.

3.       5V regulated & filtered output. Use to power video transmitters and cameras that require 5V supply. Can also be used to power the flight controller.

4.       Video Transmitter video signal

5.       Camera ground

6.       Camera filtered and regulated 10V supply voltage

7.       Ground solder tab



·       150A continuous, 200A peak

·       Solder pads on the corner of the board and on both sides of the board for easy installation

·       Power distribution board with built in OSD

·       Onboard 5V* regulator output with 1.5A continuous current capability

·       Onboard 7V* regulator output with 2A continuous current capability

·       Best in industry active on board power filtering for crystal clear video

·       Flight timer display

·       Primary battery on screen voltage display (Volts)

·       Low battery on screen alarm alerting you to land

·       System current draw on screen display (Amps)

·       System battery consumption meter (mAH used)

·       Radio reception meter (RSSI) on screen display

·       Selectable PAL / NTSC modes


*7V can be used to power cameras and video transmitters designed to run directly of the battery. 5V can be used for cameras and video transmitters that require 5V.

Technical specifications:
• 3S-6S battery compatibility
• 150A continuous, 200A peak
• 36mm x 36mm size with standard mount pattern
• 5g weight


Auto battery detection

·       The board will identify whether you are using a 3S-6S battery and adjust all that it needs to automatically.


Real time flight timer

·       Displays actual flight time. Timer starts after arming and motors spool up for takeoff.


Low battery alarm

·       On screen display of low battery


RSSI auto detect

·       PWM (FRSKY) or DC RSSI support. 100% auto detect and calibrate. Percentage value output display.

o   If you don’t hook up the RSSI pin to your receiver the board will figure this out not display RSSI on the screen.

o   If you do use RSSI, the board will auto configure to the receiver type and display the signal strength in percentage value. This assumes you turn on the transmitter first. 

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